synopsis - Geoffrey Groom

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LYRICS > MUSICAL-Singing Being

A selection of songs from the musical 'Singing Being'

original concept and lyrics by Geoff Groom

The concept of the musical is an exploration, in song, of the influences
- positive and negative -
that affect a small group of people who desire
to train and/or improve their singing abilities by attending a
series of singing training courses.

It's a celebration of the triumph of the human spirit,
of the compassionate and professional teachings
of a course leader who helps others see themselves more fully

The musical opens with the song 'Nice to see you'
which is both a welcome to the audience and a tribute to the course leader.

Then follows a sequence of songs, some solos/duets, some choral,
which explore the psychological and emotional aspects
of the group and the challenge of public performing.

At various stages throughout the musical choral renditions of
two opposing polarities take place. These are represented by
1. the choir of needs
2. the chorus of awakenings.
These are the two strongest influences upon the performer/s.

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