That which I am - Geoffrey Groom

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That which I am


That which I am, I am

Oh, Life,
do not hide from me
the experiences of my soul's realities;
do not enclose me
in comfort-closetted complacency;
do not anaesthetise me
so that numbed neurons taste no energy;
do not embrace me
in possessive punctuated privacy.
I seek to grow
to know all that is in me to know:
I desire to flower
with all my opened petals in this earthly bower;
I wish to be
the snowflake in the tree
the dolphin in the sea
the bird that's flying free,
the fullest me that I can be.
So, if needs must
that on my earthly dust
the sun shall shine,
or diamond faceted raindrops climb,
or rainbows arching chimb,
or emotion's storms define,
my blossoming fullness;
then know, Oh Life,
that I shall triumph over any strife,
I shall not show self-disbelief,
nor shall I wallow in some self-grief.
For I am ME -
and love and I
conspire to create a symphony
of loving melodies
that sing to all the world around:
my soul will not be bound
by earth experienced sound.
For this I came
that in this dust-like domain
lotus blossom I became
sturdy pine my inner frame
that my Spirit shall experience it's name....

For I am ME
an aspect of Divinity
a realised creativity:
and the world shall see
that I AM......
an expression of
unconditional LOVE

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