Singing for health

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Claims about the health benefits of
things are plentiful on the internet.

Many have little or no scientific
basis and lack factual evidence.

This mini-website will explore some
of the FACTUAL evidence from experts
and the personal experience of the website
author who is a layman and simply expresses
his understanding of the data and experience

It is also necessary to take into
account what is known as the
'placibo effect',
the ability of the body, which is
a truly amazing 'self healing structure',
to respond to positive thoughts and
meaningful actions that focus
on improved well-being

Many meditation and/or training disciplines
focus on the breath. With good reason.

Your heart beats about 100,000 times
a day (that's 2.5 billions times in an
average lifetime)

Without the oxygen in the blood, it would
not beat at all. Indeed, it is the function of
the heart to spread the food and oxygen
throughout the whole of our body.

The oxygen it pumps comes into us via our
Good lung function and capacity is,
therefore, a MAJOR requirement for a healthy
body, healthy emotions, healthy thoughts.

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